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I'd like to let you hear from 'the other side of the fence' to speak. I am the recipient of one of your ideas to 'quiet your neighbor's dog'.

My situation started like this: In 2006 I moved into a new neighborhood. The neighbor behind me and I share a fence (backyard to backyard). My house is higher in elevation by approximately 20 feet, so basically I look down into my neighbor's back yard. My neighbor has 2 dogs that are housed in a run in his back yard all day and into the evening. My husband works nights and the dogs barked all day. I did not report them, I did not antagonize them, my husband put earplugs in his ears and then was able to sleep. They also bark at me when I go into my back yard to mow, or pick up ,etc. They did not/do not bark every day, however it is still annoying.

The neighbor who lives next door to me is constantly being reported by the neighbor behind me. He is reported for his 2 dogs 'excessively barking', however the neighbor who reports him (the neighbor behind me) is the one whose dogs bark the most! He/his wife files reports stating the other neighbors' dogs are 'in danger', 'have no shelter', 'have no food or water', and on and on. ALL the reports have been completely UNFOUNDED. I cannot have a conversation in my own back yard without being screamed at to 'shut up' (by the wife) because these neighbors like to have their windows open. This also happens to the other neighbors around their home.

In April of 2008 our family got a puppy. Our only dog. He sleeps inside at night, and barking was not an issue. We were reported by this same neighbor behind us for our dog 'excessively barking' on 9/11/08. Our dog was not even outside on that day (and we have witnesses), however we received a notice from animal control that stated our dog barked for 5 straight hours!! As the weeks passed, our dog did start to bark, however he only seems to bark at the one neighbor behind us. We consistently address the issue with our dog the minute it happens, however it just seemed like something was wrong, right around Christmas. The dog would be sound asleep and then jump up and bark like he heard something we didn't. I even mentioned to others that I thought someone had a dog whistle or something because the dog was acting odd. We pretty much now only let him out for potty breaks. Well, approximately 2 weeks ago, our next door neighbor caught the neighbor behind us in the act of antagonizing our dog (we had gone to the store). He was holding one of those lovely 'remote anti-barking boxes' over our fence and holding the button down and pointing it directly at our dog. It was driving our dog nuts! Now, I have looked at the instructions for these boxes, and I'm quite sure you are not supposed to antagonize the dog with the box when he isn't even barking! This has now CAUSED our dog to bark. This man waits until the second we let our dog out the back door to take a stroll around his back yard. He comes to the shared fence, stands there, and peeks thru, and then our dog will bark at him. I keep the dog in the house constantly now, but the poor dog can't catch a break! We had to go to the extreme of putting a camera in our back window so that we could even leave our house!! And then the Crazy neighbor's wife reported us to the police for 'trying to videotape them in the bedroom'.

Now I do agree that there are irresponsible owners out there...I AM NOT one of them! Every time my dog even clears his throat I am dragging him in the house.

I think the most important thing to remind people is how to be a good neighbor. This family has not ever so much as introduced themselves to us or our dog. The first and only words they have directed to us are 'shut up' and that was when we were having an ordinary conversation in our own back yard! Oh, and here's another little tidbit, some of those anti-bark boxes come with a remote control which is the type I believe this particular neighbor has. It also emits dual tones- One audible to humans, the other ultrasonic. I let my dog out back last week and (now I stand out there with him the entire time he is out) the box was emitting the audible tone over and over and over...and there were NO DOGS BARKING AT ALL. I even videotaped the incidents at least 5 times. So my question is do we train our neighbor?? Do they make a deterrent for people like him?

Do you know that there are NO laws in place which prosecute people who file false reports with the Dept of Animal Control?? I fully believe that if you file a report of a neighbor's dog barking for 5 hours straight you should have to have some sort of proof, especially if you have filed previous reports which have been completely unfounded.

The facts are this...all dogs bark. They should not be allowed to bark for a long period of time, but if the dog says 'woof, woof' then stops, people also should not overreact. If we all just try to be good neighbors we can work together to solve our problems in a friendly way.

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