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Has anyone ever used more than one bark free device at once?

I'm at the end of my rope.  I ordered the Petsafe Ultrasonic bark free device through amazon.com and it arrived the other day. It doesn't seem to be working.  The german shephard in the yard behind ours continues to bark loud.  At first, the dog seemed to stop *mid-bark* when I first hung this device from a tree branch aimed right into their yard.  But now three days have gone by and the dog seems to bark more aggresively. As soon as they let this dog out of their house it is barking.  I swear it barks just to hear itself bark.  I think its getting pissed off that there is some other *noise* trying to compete with its own barking.   So my question is, what if I order two or three more of these things and continue to aim them right into the neighbor's yard....has anyone ever had to use more than one device to stop the barking?



p.s  is there any kind of military-style  HIGH dB ultrasonic bark free device on the market?   I think I need mega mega mega strength
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The dog that drove me to join this group is a German shepherd, too.When they are well-trained they are great dogs, but in the hands of an incompetent dog owner, what a nightmare.

That breed's bark could penetrate the concrete underground bunkers beneath the Pentagon. They are so flippin' LOUD, and low-frequency, too, so it's hard to block.

No advice re: multiple devices, sorry. Better to keep a log of the dog barking (with backup video) to support your complaint to Animal Control and begin to soundproof a room in your house with low-frequency window and wall padding so you can escape from the noise when you need to.

save your money! see if you can return the one you bought (doubtful) take my word for it they dont work! i had four different ones even three feet away from the problem dog, it still barked the same! no change what so ever! and they claimed a 50 to 75 foot radius of silence! HA! the only thing i liked about the loudest one, when on the audible setting, meaning anyone can hear it, was when the owners of the dog heard the hich pithced noise and didnt like it!! HA HA! but it also would go of when airplance flew by or a loud car or even a lawnmower nearby, and after only a few months it just quit working!! what a rip off!
I found the same with the Pro Dog Silencer for my own shepherd. She could not care less about the noise. Fortunately it did have a 30 day money back guarantee. All that we will be out of pocket for is the packaging and handling.

We used a bucket of water on her and got almost instant results. Not sure if that is humane but our neighbours like us now.
you could try one of these:

There are two technical reasons why these devices are almost useless.

1. For convenience, they are usually battery powered.

2. The attenuation of ultrasound with distance is enormous.

Thus effectiveness beyond a few metres requires ...

(a) Substantial power;

(b) A device built to handle that power;

(c) A power source that can supply it.

I've not investigated the matter in detail but I suspect that a powerful military-grade device may be essential if an attacking dog is to be repelled or a barking dog is to be deterred from voicing its anguish.

The over-riding consideration here is that barking is not the dog's fault.

Man, for various irrational and often improper reasons, keeps dog confined and isolated in suburban backyards where, for an animal congenitally programmed to free-range (it's a wolf, remember) life is an ongoing torment. The dog barks because it has few other ways of expressing its unhappiness.

It is thus hideously unjust to punish an animal which is itself a victim - a victim of its ignorant, selfish and often stupid owner.

I have a simple online Petition for those becoming aware that isolation is torture to a dog and that one way to alleviate its suffering is for nations to introduce legislation making it an offence to leave a dog unattended.

Petition: http://gopetition.com/online/24313.html
not to mention the weather is a factor, rain and mositure make the already useless thing a rusting soggy mess of plastic! save your money! call animal control!
These devices available for sale are not loud enough to work. The dog in the apartment who is tormenting me and the other neighbors has an extremely loud bark. I know the device I tried (the most expensive offering from Good Life about 15 feet from the dog) went off because I'm able to hear the ultrasonic mode and I also tried it in audible mode, but the dog clearly didn't hear it. It's like stopping a train with a bottle cap.

However, since the dog is aggressive and I believe will get loose and attack someone one day, I carry the hand-held Dog Dazer. My mother got this for me many years ago, but I recently discovered that it is still for sale online, it's a small gray battery powered device that I carry it in my handbag. I have had some success with this device at close range with a barking aggressive dog - the dog definitely hears the ultrasonic noise and recoils. It was a magic charm with a dog who constantly harassed me - I would assume a dominant posture as I aimed the device at the dog, and the dog backed down. I doubt it would stop an attack if a dog was determined but it could buy time to escape. They say it is vet approved for training purposes, too.