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Unhappy memories

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Today, I discovered your web site about barking dogs and their owners. What a revelation it has been for me to read it! I have sometimes felt very alone in my dislike of noise (be it barking dogs, music from stereos, etc.), especially when it comes into my family's house without
our permission. It seems as though many people in our society embrace noise and enjoy inflicting it on others. Anyway, it's a relief to know that there are others out there who think and feel like I do. The PDF poster, which lists the effects of continued noise, is especially worrisome, because I've experienced some of the lesser symptoms myself. For instance, I don't look forward to spring and good weather, because I know my more difficult neighbors, and their dogs, will be spending more time outside.

Your articles about the nature of deranged dog owners brought back some very unhappy memories for me. To make two long stories short, about twelve years ago, I had two neighbors who allowed their dogs to bark incessantly (disturbing my sleep), and who were indignant that anyone
would challenge their right to allow their dogs to disturb others. It was very difficult dealing with both of these individuals, and I must confess that I did not always conduct myself wisely or patiently. I was eventually evicted from the garage apartment I was renting, when one of these individuals lied to the police and said I'd threatened to kill her dog (not that the thought didn't cross my mind.) That was too much for my pet-owning landlords to bear, and thus I had find a new home.

Looking back, however, I clearly can see that it was high time for me to find a new place to live. I wasn't proud of the kind of thoughts there were going through my head while I was suffering at the hands of my neighbors and their dogs: I felt like I was the helpless victim of some kind of sleep deprivation torture experiment. I even felt like I was going crazy.

I could write at length about this subject, but I'll spare you. Thanks for listening, and thanks for all the work you've put into your great web site. It was a real eye-opener for me. Thanks again!


Austin, Texas

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May 9 2009, 21:56:12 UTC 7 years ago

"For instance, I don't look forward to spring and good weather, because I know my more difficult neighbors, and their dogs, will be spending more time outside."

How true, I can so relate to this statement. I have been actively dreading spring!!! What a very sad thing that is. Instead of soft breezes through an open window, we must keep our homes shut tight in a futile attempt to shut out the incessant noise. But it's no use. We make excuses to stay away from home, and our hearts sink as we cross our threshold and hear the constant barking once more.

This is when you know that your life is being held hostage by a dog owner. I spent all of last spring, summer, and fall living like this and made up my mind no more. It's not just not healthy. In the next few weeks I will do whatever it takes to move away, and the next place I will rent so I can move again the next time this happens.

And I certainly can relate also to not feeling we always made wise choices. If I could give one piece of advice it would be to not approach the dog owner in any way, shape, or form - never identify yourself to this person. What usually happens when you identify yourself to the perpetrator is a bad situation becomes worse for the victim. And if they confront you in an attempt to find out who complained ("does my dog bother you?"), say "Who, me?"

Why is it up to the victim to enforce the law? It's a cop out to say, talk to your neighbor. And it would seem to me a very easy matter to observe the violation, noise is a very objective matter. There are cameras on the streets to observe crime, why not recording devices to observe noise? In my case the neighbor's dog barks continuously all day as people walk up and down the sidewalk (which they do all day). There, that was easy.

But I believe what we are seeing is commercial interests promoting dog ownership for profit and their influence on local governments. The APPA (American Pet Products Association) reports "Earning reports are dismal in this recessed economy, but the pet industry seems to be cruising right along. " Madison Avenue makes money from advertising. Apartments make money charging pet fees. Corporations are even selling pet health insurance now. And so on.

Some statistics for America alone: There are 4.7 million dog bite victims per year (many of whom are children). 9.6 million unwanted pets are put to death each year. Landfills must be built to accommodate 10 million tons of dog waste per year. Nuisance barking has reached epidemic proportions in communities. And you can't give away real estate adjacent to a barking dog property. The pet industry has fully exploited promoting dog ownership for profit. But the societal costs have not even been remotely considered.

At some point we will be forced to address these problems.

But for now, I'm packing. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm getting away from this dog.
Wow, I can totally identify with what you're saying. I found this forum today after being awakened from a deep dream state three times between 5:00 and 10:30 this morning and then finally giving up on going back to sleep several hours after the third time. This is a regular occurrence for me now because of the dog that was put in the yard outside my window after I moved here, thinking this was a really quiet place. What I was trying to find today is some kind of device that would cancel out the frequency of dog barking. I do not even know if such a thing exists, but it is my only hope of having any kind of a life again, as I don't have the money to move and I am getting pretty near the end if I don't find some relief from this. I am just too sleep-deprived to function anymore. Any suggestions or info would be appreciated. I just don't know where to turn.