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Barking Mad in Australia!

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I live in a southern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. Although this is in the recent past, it has been like 'pulling teeth', to get to this stage and given my neighbour's refusal to admit fault, I wonder if / when it will recommence.

It has been 10 weeks now with no barking between the hours of 9 pm and 9 am (those are the times when I especially want peace and quiet).

I rent a Government subsidised house, - due to my anxiety condition. I've lived here for more than 6 years in this quiet neighbourhood.

My next door neighbour ( I will refer to as R ) moved in with his Kelpie (Australian sheep-dog) a fortnight before Xmas 2007. This 50 year old guy was / is a Government employee concerning Drug and Alcohol Abuse. R allowed his dog to stay in the yard at night and bark at various times of the night and early morning. The dog was quiet during the day

It barks 10 metres from my sleeping head, the noise reverberating against the 2 metre high sheet-iron dividing fence and the open carport where it sleeps.

I've spoken to R about this 4 times or so. The first time, his reply included saying to the dog 'come on, you're not allowed to protect me anymore'.

The last encounter had R screaming at me that his dog does'nt bark (said on other occassions too) and false counter accusations.

I've tried complaining to the Government Housing Authority, who in turn directs me to the Council. A Council 'Ranger', apparently visited one afternoon, sat in their car for 10 minutes and heard no barking. They told R why they were there.

R put 2 and 2 together and yelled at me in the street.

This guy is a bit of a nut-case, has shown his selfishness in other ways too and seems to know how to 'play the system'.

If any one has some feedback / would like details, I'll be glad to talk.

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