dporto (dporto) wrote in barkingdogs,

Has anyone ever used more than one bark free device at once?

I'm at the end of my rope.  I ordered the Petsafe Ultrasonic bark free device through amazon.com and it arrived the other day. It doesn't seem to be working.  The german shephard in the yard behind ours continues to bark loud.  At first, the dog seemed to stop *mid-bark* when I first hung this device from a tree branch aimed right into their yard.  But now three days have gone by and the dog seems to bark more aggresively. As soon as they let this dog out of their house it is barking.  I swear it barks just to hear itself bark.  I think its getting pissed off that there is some other *noise* trying to compete with its own barking.   So my question is, what if I order two or three more of these things and continue to aim them right into the neighbor's yard....has anyone ever had to use more than one device to stop the barking?



p.s  is there any kind of military-style  HIGH dB ultrasonic bark free device on the market?   I think I need mega mega mega strength
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