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His bite is even worse than his bark...

This posting was emailed to by Gina in Galena, Kansas:

I found your webstite very informative, but I have found myself in a slightly different predicament. My neighbour's dog, a boxer, seems to be quite aggressive. Anytime I, or anyone else, is in my backyard this dog becomes biligerent. He doesn't just bark, he growls, lunges, charges, bites, and tries to jump the fence. It is very alarming and has gone on for a year now. There are actually 3 boxers living there, and they have dug under and torn our fence to the point that in March our Chihuahua got under and was attcked, costing us almost $500 in vet bills. Then, in December our Pomeranian got under and he killed her.

I'm convinced this dog is going to seriously hurt someone, though the owners say they have never seen any aggressive behavior and that he would never hurt anyone. I have contacted animal control and was told that they aren't able to do anything. As long as the dog is in their yard, they haven't committed a crime, regardless of his behavior. And even though they tore the fence up, my dogs were in the wrong by being in their yard. I was told, however, if the was barking at all hours of the night then they could intervene. It seems to me if they are able to stop nuisance barking they would also be able to stop threatening behavior. The Animal Control officer told me if he cited them with nuisance behavior, he would have to cite me for having dogs at large.

I've considered taking them to court but don't know where to begin. Do you have any advice for me?

Thank you,


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