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I live in the northern most part of Chicago and have been very happy here for the past two years until this March when apparently two of my neighbors decided to get dogs. Let me state clearly that I love dogs, I don't mind the usual day to day barks and occasional misplaced dog poo. I figure that those things are just a part of life, but these owners, these dogs have nearly pushed me over the edge of sanity with the incessant barking. I can't understand how these people can just ignore the noise of their pets for hours at a time. Both households have children and the dogs bark until 11pm at night, how can they not notice the loud (and man oh man the big bulldog is soooo loud) barking? So, the story goes that at first I ignored it believing that these dogs would soon be trained or have bark collars, also it was the end of winter so they were outside for shorter periods of time. Now, that it has been warmer the last two months have been HELL.  The big dog is put out  into a fenced in backyard and left to bark at will all day, and he does bark a deep resonating bark for literally 20-30 minutes straight before maybe a five minute break and then yet another round. The little dog comes on the scene at about 5 pm until 12 midnight and a nice back and forth ensues between the two. When I finally couldn't take it anymore I called non-emergency to report a violation of the noise ordinance of Cook County, actually called a "barking nuisance" and was told that they'd send someone out. They never did. I called again after a three day stint of literally a combined total of 12 hours of sleep and they said there were several reports called in already and that it was considered low priority. I was then directed to Animal Control and was told to report neglect since the animal was left outside unattended for so long. I called and Animal Control HUNG UP ON ME. I called back and the lady (I use the term loosely) said I already transfered you to 311. I told her that I had been directed to report to her and before I could finish she hung up on me again saying, "It's a police matter". I then called back to 311, who then directed me to another police source (I'm not sure whom) and this person told me that there was nothing I could do other than go to the neighbors house myself and try to ask them to stop letting their dog bark. I don't feel safe going to confront people I don't know. Perhaps I'll write a letter but I doubt it is going to help. I'm so tired of this city and the noise and lack of any civic feeling toward other people. I've already had to make one trip out of the city to get sleep and rest after this past incident. Now I am thinking of moving permanently. Between the fights over chair "saved" spots in the snow filled streets, to robberies on our trains, the highest taxes in the nation, potholes that will crack your car in half and a complete lack of concern for  the public welfare by t he city council  I am at the cracking point. Not even the beauty of Lake Michigan and the fabulous downtown events and music and food can make it worth all of the headaches. If anyone has any wisdom/advice helpful hints I welcome them. I am tearing up as I write this because I wish so badly that people could just be a little considerate of one another... it would make living in a big city so much better.  
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