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The "Stars" of Lake Tahoe

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I live at Lake Tahoe, I have been here for many years. (40) California then Nevada side. Nice area of the lake actually. Marla Bay, Nv. You have no idea how many dog owners that come up to their inherited homes for the summer. These are snooty 60-somethings mainly. I live here year round through snow storms, horrible driving conditions, power outages etc. and live for the couple of months outdoors in summer.

So here they come. Drag their barking dogs up here to sit outside all day while they are gone for hours on a boat or on the beach (away from their homes where the barking dogs are barking for 5-10-12 hours.)

My thoughts are that... these owners are the same Americans that are loud and obnoxious travelers the world deplores. And are growing in numbers. They are think they are all important... "stars".

No common decency!

And...If they have a few dollars? They think everyone will just have to put up with their horrible dogs behavior. Too bad for them!

There are only about three blocks to this neighborhood, and I would guess there are dogs in 95% of the summer homes and about 50% in year round residences.

I just came back from two months in Europe and stayed in residential homes with friends. Mostly England (and lots of dogs there) And not once, did I ever hear dogs barking! Never. And I walked everywhere. Hmmmm.

We are hyper, and very selfish Americans.

End of story.

Jane in Lake Tahoe

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