sir_ralphie (sir_ralphie) wrote in barkingdogs,

For years

For years I've been affected by at lease one neighbor with barking dogs.  My situation about six months ago was this: I had two dogs next to me that would bark in the day as well as from 11pm to 1am.  I also had dogs directly behind me that would bark ALL hours of the day, all the time.  And to fill in any spots in between, I have a neighbor adjacent to me who's beagle barks from 7am in the morning to about 6pm in the evening.  Recently my neighbors directly behind me moved, as well as the ones next to me.  So I've only had to content with daytime barking from the beagle (as horribly annoying as it is).  Before they did, though, I've complained to all of them which only yielded minor improvements.  The real problem-dogs behind me though did not improve at all since they were just going to move in a couple of weeks. 

Now, new neighbors have moved in directly behind me who own about three dogs who also bark.  Just last week two of their dogs were barking, non-stop, from 3am to 4am.  It was finals week for me so I was extremely upset.  And in usual fashion, the beagle would tag team me and start its barking at 7am.  Right now I'm going to complain for the second time to the beagle owner, and I already called the sheriff on the dogs behind me for their 3am barking.  If the beagle situation does not improve I will most likely call animal control on them.  I am also thinking about sending letters to my non-dog-owning neighbors (actually one of them owns a wonderful dog that rarely--if ever--barks) to encourage them to complain as well.  This has got to stop.  I feel like I'm held hostage in my own house and that my schedule is being determined by something as stupid as a barking dog.  My ears are sore from trying to use earplugs, and I'm just all-around stressed out.  It's ridiculous too when there are moments of peace and I am able to get a full night of sleep.  I feel so relieved for being able to do so, but when you think about it, shouldn't it be like that ANYWAYS??
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