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I think we're going to sue our neighbors

I have gathered alot of evidence of my next door neighbor's incessantly barking dog.   I have taken alot of time out of my life trying to enforce them to take care of the situation and their dog.   I have ALOT of evidence.   So, now these neighbors still let their dog out to bark for over an hour in the middle of the night recently.  Although they improved taking care of the dog, they always go back to letting it back out again at times even though they know the dog will bark at anything and everything it sees or hears.  We are finally going to see a lawyer because it has cost us alot with what we have had to do.  We tried to do things ourselves to solve the problem and not "start a war" with these neighbors.  But anyone who allows their dog to bark incessantly day and night or at you may be a neighbor but they are not your friend.  So, we are not friends and never will be, so we are just finally going to sue them.  We have also been harassed in a variety of ways because we complained.  We should get no less than reimbursement for our expenses, but will probably get pain and suffering also.  I hope to get reimbursed for my time and trouble in having to enforce them to take care of their dog.  I have worked in law firms and have alot of knowledge so I think because of all of my evidence we should get a pretty good settlement.   I really hate having to do this, because we hate confrontation and have never sued before, and we try to live a peaceful existence.  Everyone has enough problems as it is.  These people are just the opposite however.  I will keep updating on this topic.

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