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Animal control & law enforcement won't do anything. my neighbor has a pit-bull that barks a lot. not just that, but the dog is always trying to jump the wall. In Oct.2009, I contacted animal control & showed them of a video of the pit-bull trying to jump the wall & snapping at my dog. they said they would call me to let me know what they were going to do about it, but I heard nothing.
In Feb.2010 the pit-bull jumped halfway over the wall & almost bit my dog, so I contacted animal control again. they came out & looked at the wall & the dog. the officer saw that I had extended some of the wall, but can't afford to do the whole wall. I told the officer that the dog owner should do the rest since it is their dog that's causing the problem. the officer said that they can't force the offending dog's owner to do it, but will talk to them. the officer said they can't do anything unless the dog was in my yard. again nothing happened & the next day, I get a visit from animal control with a report of me beating & abusing my dog. Isn't that odd? we know who it was trying to get back at me.
now it's mid June 2010 & at 2:00 in the morning, I hear the pit-bull barking. I went to check it out thinking that the dog was barking at a rat. My dog was locked up in the house for the night & I shined the flashlight out the sliding door window. well, the neighbor's pit-bull was in my yard, but thankfully was confined in an enclosed space I had built just in case this might happen. as I went to get a closer look, the dog began to growl & bark even more. I yelled at the neighbors to get their dog, but they didn't wake up. I then called the police & they told me to call animal control. I called animal control & they told me that they would come out later that morning. the owners finally got their dog over the wall. An officer came out at 10:00 that morning to inspect the area, but said there was nothing they could do since the dog was no longer in my yard & went to talk to to dog owner about the dog & the wall. the man said he would put some bricks on the wall. when he did put up the bricks, he only put a couple & left a large area of the wall with nothing & said to his friend that it wasn't his problem, yet he put two rows of bricks on the wall of his backyard neighbor.
two days later, I'm across the street talking to a buddy when the dog owner see's me & walks over to tell me that if he see's me in the street, he's going to beat the hell out of me. I could smell the booze on his breath.
three days after that, the police come knocking on my door because two houses down, there was a break-in & since I had a security camera, wanted to know if I had video. sorry to say, I did not. The funny thing about the house that got robbed, they have two dogs that were barking when it happened because I heard them, but like everyone else, didn't pay attention to the dogs because they bark all the time.
to get back to the police, I asked them about the neighbor who threatened me & if necessary, what can I do to defend myself. the officer said that I can only use as much force as the person assaulting me. that's stupid, the guy's much bigger. The police officer was going to talk to the guy, but of course nothing again.
I walk my dog in the evenings almost everyday & I've carried a large knife with me for the past year because I've been attacked & bitten by a pit-bull while walking down the street & have been charged by a pit-bull a couple of times while walking my dog. The police have driven by me a few times when I was walking my dog with the knife they never stopped me. well, last night my neighbor with the problem dog, saw me as I left for the walk with the dog & he knows about the knife. five minutes after I get home, the police are knocking at my door. they had a report of someone walking a dog with a machete in their hand. The police said that I can only carry pepper spray & maybe a stick, not even a bat to protect myself. I found out later that the neighbor with the problem dog was talking to the police right after they left my house. I've never had a problem with anyone seeing me carry the knife because I'm not waving it around. it's in it's sheath, in the same hand as the dog leash. I'm guessing, the guy figures that he can't run up & beat me up as long as I have something to protect myself with & he's also trying to get me in trouble to retaliate because of his dog.
Now, isn't it funny how animal control & the police won't do anything about an aggressive dog or the owner, let alone a barking dog, yet the victim is treated as the problem, criminal or just ignored.
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