beachbead (beachbead) wrote in barkingdogs,

barking dog

I've been dealing with my neighbors dog for some times since the beging of this year, fellow neighbors have asked what there going to do with there barking dog they told them they was going to get rid of it soon, but they still have it,  I did call the cops on them they told us they couldn't do anything. so we left it alone for a while, each night and day the dog would bark, finally last month i got sick of it and emailed my local animal control, I told them that there house was a mess and didn't know what the dog looked like, so i think they came out and looked at there dogs, yes dogs they have one inside a little one and one big one outside. or someone  walked over to thee house and asked them to do something with there dogs. well for two weeks there dog didn't bark until two nights ago, at first  I was going to email the animal control but though it was a passing thing, i was wrong! last night there dog started barking ago, theses people get home pretty late in the night, so last night I emailed the animal control in hopes they will take the dog away or talk to the owners.
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