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Barking Mad in Australia!

This posting was emailed to forum@barkingdogs.net from "Barking Mad":

I live in a southern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. Although this is in the recent past, it has been like 'pulling teeth', to get to this stage and given my neighbour's refusal to admit fault, I wonder if / when it will recommence.

It has been 10 weeks now with no barking between the hours of 9 pm and 9 am (those are the times when I especially want peace and quiet).

I rent a Government subsidised house, - due to my anxiety condition. I've lived here for more than 6 years in this quiet neighbourhood.

My next door neighbour ( I will refer to as R ) moved in with his Kelpie (Australian sheep-dog) a fortnight before Xmas 2007. This 50 year old guy was / is a Government employee concerning Drug and Alcohol Abuse. R allowed his dog to stay in the yard at night and bark at various times of the night and early morning. The dog was quiet during the day

It barks 10 metres from my sleeping head, the noise reverberating against the 2 metre high sheet-iron dividing fence and the open carport where it sleeps.

I've spoken to R about this 4 times or so. The first time, his reply included saying to the dog 'come on, you're not allowed to protect me anymore'.

The last encounter had R screaming at me that his dog does'nt bark (said on other occassions too) and false counter accusations.

I've tried complaining to the Government Housing Authority, who in turn directs me to the Council. A Council 'Ranger', apparently visited one afternoon, sat in their car for 10 minutes and heard no barking. They told R why they were there.

R put 2 and 2 together and yelled at me in the street.

This guy is a bit of a nut-case, has shown his selfishness in other ways too and seems to know how to 'play the system'.

If any one has some feedback / would like details, I'll be glad to talk.

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Ready to Move

I live in the northern most part of Chicago and have been very happy here for the past two years until this March when apparently two of my neighbors decided to get dogs. Let me state clearly that I love dogs, I don't mind the usual day to day barks and occasional misplaced dog poo. I figure that those things are just a part of life, but these owners, these dogs have nearly pushed me over the edge of sanity with the incessant barking. I can't understand how these people can just ignore the noise of their pets for hours at a time. Both households have children and the dogs bark until 11pm at night, how can they not notice the loud (and man oh man the big bulldog is soooo loud) barking? So, the story goes that at first I ignored it believing that these dogs would soon be trained or have bark collars, also it was the end of winter so they were outside for shorter periods of time. Now, that it has been warmer the last two months have been HELL.  The big dog is put out  into a fenced in backyard and left to bark at will all day, and he does bark a deep resonating bark for literally 20-30 minutes straight before maybe a five minute break and then yet another round. The little dog comes on the scene at about 5 pm until 12 midnight and a nice back and forth ensues between the two. When I finally couldn't take it anymore I called non-emergency to report a violation of the noise ordinance of Cook County, actually called a "barking nuisance" and was told that they'd send someone out. They never did. I called again after a three day stint of literally a combined total of 12 hours of sleep and they said there were several reports called in already and that it was considered low priority. I was then directed to Animal Control and was told to report neglect since the animal was left outside unattended for so long. I called and Animal Control HUNG UP ON ME. I called back and the lady (I use the term loosely) said I already transfered you to 311. I told her that I had been directed to report to her and before I could finish she hung up on me again saying, "It's a police matter". I then called back to 311, who then directed me to another police source (I'm not sure whom) and this person told me that there was nothing I could do other than go to the neighbors house myself and try to ask them to stop letting their dog bark. I don't feel safe going to confront people I don't know. Perhaps I'll write a letter but I doubt it is going to help. I'm so tired of this city and the noise and lack of any civic feeling toward other people. I've already had to make one trip out of the city to get sleep and rest after this past incident. Now I am thinking of moving permanently. Between the fights over chair "saved" spots in the snow filled streets, to robberies on our trains, the highest taxes in the nation, potholes that will crack your car in half and a complete lack of concern for  the public welfare by t he city council  I am at the cracking point. Not even the beauty of Lake Michigan and the fabulous downtown events and music and food can make it worth all of the headaches. If anyone has any wisdom/advice helpful hints I welcome them. I am tearing up as I write this because I wish so badly that people could just be a little considerate of one another... it would make living in a big city so much better.  
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Stop the Barking!!!

Hello All,

I see several posts on here in regards to barking dogs. We recently wrote a blog post on the subject and asked people to respond as to what kind of dog barking problem they had. We had over 500 responses and we took the most prevalent problems and created a free video on how to stop dog barking and tried to address the biggest problems. Not sure if anyone is interested but I thought I would share as it seems to be an issue here for some.

barking in Portland

Here is my story in Portland, Oregon ...
A year ago, some renters moved in next to me.  They got a large dog that they left in the yard from 4:30am to late at night. It barked almost all the time. They left it out there in rain, snow, heat, and never played with it in the yard or ever took it for walks (to my knowledge).  This was the loudest dog I ever heard. When I talked to the owner, he said "I'ts a dog and its going to bark".  When I asked him to either keep it inside or have someone home to monitor the barking and quiet it down when it barks, he said something about when his kids go to school. Like another neighbor told me, "He basically told you to F off".
I used tape recordings and neighbors signed my complaints and I turned them in to Animal Control. (getting signatures was not easy and I only got them on a few forms).  The tapes did work.
They did write citations for noise and lack of pet license, but the owner ignored them (I assumed they never paid any of them).
While animal control was investigating about 10 notices I wrote up for 1 month, the garbage family got evicted.  That would have been notice #3 and an order to abate the barking would follow.
But during the eviction, another renting neighbor with outside dogs and a yard that looks like a trash dump, took the dog into his yard.
A week or so later, the dog and his dogs killed another dog that got inside his yard.
I went down to Animal Control to give them a piece of my mind.  All of a sudden, they finally acted like they gave a crap.
I told them that the one that used to live next to me was the main agressor and the killer.  Animal Control removed the dog that day.
I still have some barking problems with those other 2 dogs 2 houses down from me. I will mail out info to almost all in the area ask to form a meeting so we can support each other.
I learned what you all know -- LIFE IS HELL WHEN YOU CAN NEVER RELAX.
More... those houses look like trash dumps.  The one next to me did not even have trash service and piled it all up in the house and yard.
I am hoping my yet to be formed group will come together and be effective to the point of making the problem stop.
I know the cops and politicians suck and don't care, never will.    
We have a mayor who cares more about raping little boys than protecting our peace.
Thanks for hearing my story.  I feel so alone in all of this TORTURE.
And to the little dog (pet) which I watched get murdered by barking dogs (junkyard dogs):  Your sacrifice to get the worst one off my street is appreciated. I honor you. I am glad your death was fast, even as it was violent. God Bless You.   

Recent update: 

I talked to the owner of the house next to me yesterday as he was cleaning it.  The renters had left a large garbage can full of used diapers out in the rain. That is what kind of people have barking dogs.
He did leave me his phone # and told me to call if renters in future cause problems.

I talked to a Multnomah County (Portland) Animal Control employee. I told her that the people next to me had a dog that barked all day and no  one was home to manage it.  This is her EXACT reply:  "That's fine. There is nothing wrong with that. I have dogs at home and I want them to bark."

She called me a liar when I told her that the dogs 2 doors down bark at me whenever I am in my yard.

I told her that the authorities should take anonymous calls for barking so other people who are not liars can call it in.  She said "If they don't leave their name, they will be calling from a gas station far away and lying."

I emailed a lawyer about barking, but did not get a reply.

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Unhappy memories

This posting was emailed to forum@barkingdogs.net:

Today, I discovered your web site about barking dogs and their owners. What a revelation it has been for me to read it! I have sometimes felt very alone in my dislike of noise (be it barking dogs, music from stereos, etc.), especially when it comes into my family's house without
our permission. It seems as though many people in our society embrace noise and enjoy inflicting it on others. Anyway, it's a relief to know that there are others out there who think and feel like I do. The PDF poster, which lists the effects of continued noise, is especially worrisome, because I've experienced some of the lesser symptoms myself. For instance, I don't look forward to spring and good weather, because I know my more difficult neighbors, and their dogs, will be spending more time outside.

Your articles about the nature of deranged dog owners brought back some very unhappy memories for me. To make two long stories short, about twelve years ago, I had two neighbors who allowed their dogs to bark incessantly (disturbing my sleep), and who were indignant that anyone
would challenge their right to allow their dogs to disturb others. It was very difficult dealing with both of these individuals, and I must confess that I did not always conduct myself wisely or patiently. I was eventually evicted from the garage apartment I was renting, when one of these individuals lied to the police and said I'd threatened to kill her dog (not that the thought didn't cross my mind.) That was too much for my pet-owning landlords to bear, and thus I had find a new home.

Looking back, however, I clearly can see that it was high time for me to find a new place to live. I wasn't proud of the kind of thoughts there were going through my head while I was suffering at the hands of my neighbors and their dogs: I felt like I was the helpless victim of some kind of sleep deprivation torture experiment. I even felt like I was going crazy.

I could write at length about this subject, but I'll spare you. Thanks for listening, and thanks for all the work you've put into your great web site. It was a real eye-opener for me. Thanks again!


Austin, Texas

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"WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!" Quiet Pima County

This posting was emailed to forum@barkingdogs.net:

Hello folks.

My name is Catherine Sienko and I am the founder of "Quiet Pima County. http://www.quietpimacounty.org (Pima County is in Arizona and Tucson is the city.) We also have a yahoo.group with the same name.

Quiet Pima County is a new anti-barking activist/support group for all victims of incessant barking. Our main objective is to change the laws and change the way nuisance complaints are handled by Pima Animal Care Center and law enforcement. Any resident that resides in Pima County and is presently a victim of incessant barking or has been a victim or knows anyonewho is sick and tired of the unwanted, forced fed, barking, dog nuisance noise are urged to join. Nuisance dog barking is not a neighborhood dispute. It is a violation of our right to quiet, peaceful enjoyment of our homes and property.

After years of being forced fed the sound of my neighbors 3 barking dogs and filing complaints, going to mediation, filling out barking logs, going to court and WINNING, being harassed, libeled and so on.... I had to do something about it. These dogs are still barking. Other neighbors have filed complaints. They are getting the run-a-round much like me.

Our group started out quite small. I made a real pain in the patootie with a local newspaper and they wrote a story. We recieved many (over 100) positive comments. Our membership grew and continues to grow. We are posting notices in local markets and gathering places. We are 'branching' out into 'chapters' within Pima County. Neighborhoods getting together, Districts getting together, City Wards getting together. ALL FOR A COMMON GOAL. This 'county' is a bit bigger than the State of New Jersey.

We have written and called EVERY Board of District Supervisors and Tucson City Ward representatives. I have written to the Governor of Arizona. Our requests for better enforcement of the 'animal noise ordinance' have pretty much fallen on deaf ears. Very few responses from out elected officials. Mis-directed information to member who have called and complained. Again a run around. YOU KNOW if these government constituants had barking dogs next door to them, it wouldn't be for long.

I personally have drafted new legislation to be considered. It's tough. It protects the complainant. WE remain anonymous. Offenders recieve larger fines. Mandated Dog Behavior training for the offender would replace mandated mediation for the victim. No set time frames. Inside or outside barking will not be tolerated. Injunction and abatement. Impoundment of animals and offender for repeat violations.

Our most recent accomplishment was getting an interview with the local NBC affliate TV News station, KVOA. I was VERY nervous. They also interviewed my neighbor with the barking dogs. They will be using footage from the videos I shot. It will be shown tomorrow, Monday Feb. 9, 2009 begining with the 5am broadcast and continuing through out the day on each and every time period for news. Hopefully this will make our elected officials realize "WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!" (Here is a link to the news story and video
http://www.kvoa.com/global/story.asp?s=9822960 )

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you live in Pima County.

Catherine Sienko
Quiet Pima County

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His bite is even worse than his bark...

This posting was emailed to forum@barkingdogs.net by Gina in Galena, Kansas:

I found your webstite very informative, but I have found myself in a slightly different predicament. My neighbour's dog, a boxer, seems to be quite aggressive. Anytime I, or anyone else, is in my backyard this dog becomes biligerent. He doesn't just bark, he growls, lunges, charges, bites, and tries to jump the fence. It is very alarming and has gone on for a year now. There are actually 3 boxers living there, and they have dug under and torn our fence to the point that in March our Chihuahua got under and was attcked, costing us almost $500 in vet bills. Then, in December our Pomeranian got under and he killed her.

I'm convinced this dog is going to seriously hurt someone, though the owners say they have never seen any aggressive behavior and that he would never hurt anyone. I have contacted animal control and was told that they aren't able to do anything. As long as the dog is in their yard, they haven't committed a crime, regardless of his behavior. And even though they tore the fence up, my dogs were in the wrong by being in their yard. I was told, however, if the was barking at all hours of the night then they could intervene. It seems to me if they are able to stop nuisance barking they would also be able to stop threatening behavior. The Animal Control officer told me if he cited them with nuisance behavior, he would have to cite me for having dogs at large.

I've considered taking them to court but don't know where to begin. Do you have any advice for me?

Thank you,


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Has anyone ever used more than one bark free device at once?

I'm at the end of my rope.  I ordered the Petsafe Ultrasonic bark free device through amazon.com and it arrived the other day. It doesn't seem to be working.  The german shephard in the yard behind ours continues to bark loud.  At first, the dog seemed to stop *mid-bark* when I first hung this device from a tree branch aimed right into their yard.  But now three days have gone by and the dog seems to bark more aggresively. As soon as they let this dog out of their house it is barking.  I swear it barks just to hear itself bark.  I think its getting pissed off that there is some other *noise* trying to compete with its own barking.   So my question is, what if I order two or three more of these things and continue to aim them right into the neighbor's yard....has anyone ever had to use more than one device to stop the barking?



p.s  is there any kind of military-style  HIGH dB ultrasonic bark free device on the market?   I think I need mega mega mega strength
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The other side of the fence...

This posting was emailed to forum@barkingdogs.net:

I'd like to let you hear from 'the other side of the fence'..so to speak. I am the recipient of one of your ideas to 'quiet your neighbor's dog'.

My situation started like this: In 2006 I moved into a new neighborhood. The neighbor behind me and I share a fence (backyard to backyard). My house is higher in elevation by approximately 20 feet, so basically I look down into my neighbor's back yard. My neighbor has 2 dogs that are housed in a run in his back yard all day and into the evening. My husband works nights and the dogs barked all day. I did not report them, I did not antagonize them, my husband put earplugs in his ears and then was able to sleep. They also bark at me when I go into my back yard to mow, or pick up ,etc. They did not/do not bark every day, however it is still annoying.

The neighbor who lives next door to me is constantly being reported by the neighbor behind me. He is reported for his 2 dogs 'excessively barking', however the neighbor who reports him (the neighbor behind me) is the one whose dogs bark the most! He/his wife files reports stating the other neighbors' dogs are 'in danger', 'have no shelter', 'have no food or water', and on and on. ALL the reports have been completely UNFOUNDED. I cannot have a conversation in my own back yard without being screamed at to 'shut up' (by the wife) because these neighbors like to have their windows open. This also happens to the other neighbors around their home.

In April of 2008 our family got a puppy. Our only dog. He sleeps inside at night, and barking was not an issue. We were reported by this same neighbor behind us for our dog 'excessively barking' on 9/11/08. Our dog was not even outside on that day (and we have witnesses), however we received a notice from animal control that stated our dog barked for 5 straight hours!! As the weeks passed, our dog did start to bark, however he only seems to bark at the one neighbor behind us. We consistently address the issue with our dog the minute it happens, however it just seemed like something was wrong, right around Christmas. The dog would be sound asleep and then jump up and bark like he heard something we didn't. I even mentioned to others that I thought someone had a dog whistle or something because the dog was acting odd. We pretty much now only let him out for potty breaks. Well, approximately 2 weeks ago, our next door neighbor caught the neighbor behind us in the act of antagonizing our dog (we had gone to the store). He was holding one of those lovely 'remote anti-barking boxes' over our fence and holding the button down and pointing it directly at our dog. It was driving our dog nuts! Now, I have looked at the instructions for these boxes, and I'm quite sure you are not supposed to antagonize the dog with the box when he isn't even barking! This has now CAUSED our dog to bark. This man waits until the second we let our dog out the back door to take a stroll around his back yard. He comes to the shared fence, stands there, and peeks thru, and then our dog will bark at him. I keep the dog in the house constantly now, but the poor dog can't catch a break! We had to go to the extreme of putting a camera in our back window so that we could even leave our house!! And then the Crazy neighbor's wife reported us to the police for 'trying to videotape them in the bedroom'.

Now I do agree that there are irresponsible owners out there...I AM NOT one of them! Every time my dog even clears his throat I am dragging him in the house.

I think the most important thing to remind people is how to be a good neighbor. This family has not ever so much as introduced themselves to us or our dog. The first and only words they have directed to us are 'shut up' and that was when we were having an ordinary conversation in our own back yard! Oh, and here's another little tidbit, some of those anti-bark boxes come with a remote control which is the type I believe this particular neighbor has. It also emits dual tones- One audible to humans, the other ultrasonic. I let my dog out back last week and (now I stand out there with him the entire time he is out) the box was emitting the audible tone over and over and over...and there were NO DOGS BARKING AT ALL. I even videotaped the incidents at least 5 times. So my question is this...how do we train our neighbor?? Do they make a deterrent for people like him?

Do you know that there are NO laws in place which prosecute people who file false reports with the Dept of Animal Control?? I fully believe that if you file a report of a neighbor's dog barking for 5 hours straight you should have to have some sort of proof, especially if you have filed previous reports which have been completely unfounded.

The facts are this...all dogs bark. They should not be allowed to bark for a long period of time, but if the dog says 'woof, woof' then stops, people also should not overreact. If we all just try to be good neighbors we can work together to solve our problems in a friendly way.

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Hello all - I'm a reporter for USA Today looking for stories from people who have tried mediation programs set up in their communities for just this problem - those set up local governments outside of the police department, or possibly by community members themselves - to solve the problem of barking dogs. Maybe you have had success with mediation; maybe not. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact me at afitzgeral@usatoday.com and I'll look at it.