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Barking Dogs Forum

Barking Dogs
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The Barking Dogs Livejournal Forum is now closed, effective November 28, 2010.

This LiveJournal is a public forum established to give voice to those who have been cursed with neighbors who keep chronically barking dogs. Simply stated, this site allows readers to tell their stories of barking woe, and also provides a forum in which participants can communicate with each other. It is hoped that, through this medium, people afflicted with intractable barking problems will be able to connect to comfort, advise and, in general, to support one another. And perhaps -- to organize.

The Barking Dogs Journal is affiliated with Barkingdogs.net, which is the most comprehensive source on earth for information about chronic barking. Whether it is your dog that is barking disruptively or your neighbor's dog that is pushing you beyond your limits, whatever it is you need to know about barking and how to bring it to an end, you'll find the answer at Barkingdogs.net.